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Anatomy and Traits


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Dutch Angel Dragons are a unique species of dragon that feature an anatomy very similar to the horses of Terra. Each dragon can be remarkably different from one another, but there are many traits (phenotypes) that are shared by all members of the species.


The five physical traits every dragon must have to classify it as a Dutch Angel Dragon is as follows:

  • Unique horse-inspired draconic anatomy; particularly face/nose/layout of teeth, overall body build, & "digiuligrade" stance

  • Long pointed ears, about the same length as their head

  • Feather-covered avian style wings

  • Majority or all of their body has a fur coat

  • Unique internal anatomy for generating and storing supernatural energy with no digestive tract or reproductive systems

Links above for in-depth anatomy guide, created by Admin Sniper. 

Artwork by CanineHybrid

There are many different types of dragons ranging in size and shape- they can be as big as a bus or as small as a cat if they wanted. They have a remarkable ability to alter their appearance by "dying" like a phoenix and rebuilding themselves differently when they finally emerge from their egg. Since they are ageless, it is up to them to decide on how old they would like to look. The primary factor that plays a role in their appearance however is adaptations to their environment.

There are many types of tails these dragons might have, but most are long, dragon-like tails with either feathers or manes at the tip to help with batting away pesky bugs or for flying. In some cases, they will have short docked tails that they were either born with or was torn off in a fight.


Sadly, once their tail is cut at any length it will not grow back, but feathers can. If a tail has been cut off at the base of the hindquarters, often the dragon will grow “butt feathers” in place of its tail. The dragon would have to go through the process of reincarnation to reclaim any lost limbs.

Some Dutch Angel Dragons have hooves, but most possess paws. The standard paws have four fingers/toes, no thumbs, a slight webbing between the digits, and semi-retractable claws on both hands and feet. They also have paw pads. Aquatic dragons may have a much more prominent webbing and under other kinds of conditions, there has been the development of scales.

Dutch Angel Dragons do not have a digestive tract, reproductive system, or even most standard organs such as the lungs. They do have a function similar to the circulatory system, that moves the flow of energy through the body. This manifests in a substance that is similar to blood but is simply very concentrated energy matter in a liquid-like state. The original color of the species blood is reportedly silver, but after the fall from Paradise, all Dutch's "blood" became red like their fellow inhabitants and most creatures of Terra. When a Dutch has been touched or tainted by the abyss, their "blood" becomes black. The more black in their energy stream, the more Abyssal the dragon is. Often black will also appear in their coat colors when enough of their "blood" has been effected by the energies of the Abyss. They have muscles and a skeleton of course, but the only known organs they possess is a throat pocket and a bottomless stomach that will absorb anything that is consumed to break it apart into pure energy. There is no waste matter from the food they consume so there is no colon or anus. Interestingly because of this energy consumption and storage, they do give off body heat and can feel temperature though seem to be able to thrive in nearly every environment.

The species cannot reproduce by normal standards because they lack reproductive organs... however, if two dragons were to pass away together to be “reborn”, their souls can merge into a unique combination of their life force and energies. Much like a magnetic energy field is created when two opposite forces come together, a spark of life forms from this powerful energy flow and synchronization as the two souls temporarily become one and then split again, a part of them is left behind to be conjoined as a new soul and it develops into a third egg. Occasionally and rarely, two dragons that combine themselves together become stuck and unable to separate before the incarnation process is completed. This can result in odd physical traits such as multiple ears, tails, and wings. The eggs look like ordinary rocks but with energy crystals growing on them. The new dragon that is born will have a mix of the two “parent's” coat colors and physical traits. This will last for approximately one-hundred Terra years before the dragon gains the ability to undergo the phoenix reincarnation process by themselves and change its appearance. Newborns are as a blank slate and will need to grow and learn just like any other animal. But they will keep their old memories through each re-incarnation process.




Angel Dragons are very powerful beings and their greatest skill is the ability to harness energy and manipulate it in countless ways. Usually the kind and type is limited for what a dragon can possess, because only certain kinds of energy resonate with their soul properly. It is also impossible to resonate with opposing energies, such as control over both water and fire. Here is a list of possible energy types and range of uses (not exclusive to this list):




  • Telekinesis

  • Hydrokinetics

  • Static/Electricity/Lightning

  • Time

  • Alchemy

  • Dimension Hopping

  • Speed

  • Strength

  • Darkness

  • Light

  • Poison

  • Fire

  • Psychic

  • Gravity



Dutch Angel Dragons can also make themselves hover like a stereotypical ghost, which would defy the laws of physics in Terra, but there is a different interaction of energy within the Aether that assists them with this. Truly their anatomy is counter-productive for their ability to rely on their wings alone to fly, so this energy manipulation assistance is often needed. All dragons also have the ability to use energy toward the interaction with Terra to touch objects, consume food, and possess things, but this is usually extremely limited and can only be done for short amounts of time. Only very gifted dragons have abilities to interact with Terra on a more advanced level such as prolonged possession and even physical manifestation.




  • Light

  • Darkness

  • Electricity

  • Fire

  • Poison

  • Ice

  • Life/Healing

  • Death/Decay

  • Sound/Vibration/Echolocation

  • Spacial/Alien



  • Spirit

  • Earth

  • Fire

  • Water

  • Air

  • Metal

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