Guidelines to making or purchasing Dutch Angel Dragon artwork/plushies


Original character artwork is free to draw for others and commission from others without limitation, with the exception of adoptables and character auctions which have a few simple guidelines to help regulate their distribution more fairly.


Plushies/bags/other goods drafted from a patterns with the intent of being duplicated and sold for profit (i.e. commissions) must first have written consent and permission from Telephone/Deanna before mass production and offers can begin. Goods made as one-offs and gifts, or otherwise made for free, do not need permission.

Dutch Angel Dragons are an open and regulated species developed by and copyrighted to Deanna Biesemeyer (Ino). Within this website, we may use the shortened term “Angel Dragons” and this will always be referring to the specific species made by Ino.


We do not, in any way, lay claim to all angelic-like dragons and do not inhibit the use of the term “angel dragon” by anyone. Fair warning: It has been observed that using this description for other concepts may lead to confusion and/or conflict within circles who know of Ino’s species. Use at your own risk.

For help on this subject, please read the full disclaimer here.



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