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External Features

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Dragon DAD Body Feral 2 Vascular LONELY.

Artwork and text by TwilightSaint

Life Force Energy

Though lacking the organs & internal structure of earthly (or "Terran") creature, Dutch Angel Dragons possess an internal energy structure which is remarkably similar in appearance to an animal's blood vessels or even a network of wires. This 'vascular energy system' route energy and powers through a Dutch's form and can be referred to as 'energy veins'. (Similar energy veins route power through the feathers, though they are not depicted here as they would be too thin to ascertain.)

Should the energy be extracted from their veins and internal body, the energy would manifest itself in a liquid blood-like substance with a high energy and power concentration. Prior to their Fall from Paradise, the original color of all Dutch's external energy was silver. However Post-Fall from Paradise, their energy color turned to red. For individuals who have been touched by the abyss, their energy becomes darker, and pure black indicated a fully Abyssal Dutch Angel Dragon.

Being made of pure energy, this energy system is always present within a Dutch, whether they have manifested themselves visibly or not to an onlooker.

A Dutch's 'energy veins' branch off from a central 'core' or energy located in the center of their chest where the 'heart' of a Terran creature would normally be found. This core is the main source of the Dutch's energy and power, circulating it through their body at a rapid pace. Dutchies can adjust their power and energy output by straining their core to circulate quicker, through this can wear them out quickly if they lack endurance.

Like Terran animals, it is a major blow to a Dutch should they lose a limb or their tail. If a Dutch loses a body part, their 'vascular energy system' is unable to re-create it, the 'energy veins lost along with the removed limb, and the loss is permanent. The only way a Dutch could regenerate a lost limb would be to go through the process of reincarnation, them started with a completely new body and blank slate.

Dragon DAD Body Feral 2 Organs

Internal Organs

Though they lack the majority of organs of Terran creatures, on par with their anatomy, Dutch Angel Dragons possess few organs that are equine in appearance... but less so in function.

Dutchies have what is referred to as an 'energy consumption system'. This is not to be confused with the Terran digestive system. The main difference is that the Dutch's system is highly volatile and converts anything they eat in raw, pure energy that is then circulated through their body via their 'vascular energy system'. They truly lack a digestive system, lower gasto-intestinal tract, and an anus absolutely zero waste is produced from their body.

The main organs consist of an esophagus from which objects are eaten, a storage chamber, and multiple smaller chambers that break down said objects into pure, concentrated energy that makes up the atoms in the object. Thick, ventral tubular organs then route this energy directly into the Dutch's core, from which it enters their 'energy veins'. The entire process happens quickly, breaking down a small object in a matter of minutes.

For a 'healthy diet', Dutchies should focus on consuming pure or higher-energy objects, such as foliage, objects, or creatures from the Aether. The higher and more pure the energy content of what they consume, the more of an energy boost they get into their system. However, each individual has their unique tastes. Some prefer objects from the Aether, and even others have grown fond of Terran snacks such a packaged goods and even human food.

Some Dutchies have figured out ways to 'slow' their consumption by storing objects in their large chamber, opting to break it down later for a delayed energy boost. Like Terran animals, Dutchies can 'stave' if they do not consume enough energy. They can also experience an 'energy high' by consuming large quantities of pure of high-energy objects in a short period of time, circulating it through their system at high rates.

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