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Guidelines for selling, auctioning, & trading Dutch Angel Dragon adoptables



Last Updated: January 22, 2018

Note: Many of the guidelines below are intended for the Facebook community page

  • There are currently no restrictions on the number of character auctions or adoptables one has active at a time (this limit used to be 1 per week and had been removed as of December 15, 2017)

  • All designs must follow the character creation guidelines; failure to ensure this can mean consequences not only for you but significantly for your buyer. It is not required but highly encouraged to run new designs by the Archangels.

  • Flooding the community with adopts will not be permitted. No multiple postings per member within one day, keep them contained together in one post to better keep track and prevent spam. If you must break up each adopt into different posts, please wait 24 hrs for each adopt post. You may only bump posts once every 24 hrs as well.

  • Auctions hosted on Facebook are NOT allowed, but you can link to an auction on a different website instead (i.e FA)

  • If you are using lineart made by a different artist (whether it’s pay-to-use or a free base), please be mindful of the rules that the artist provides for use of their work. If you are unsure of the artist's rules, ask the artist specifically. Respect the artist's requests and they will respect you.

  • As always, please remember to credit the original artist for any characters or artwork you are selling! This is the number one reason posts are not approved in the community.

  • If you are an artist who has created a lineart/base for the community and would like to inform us what the rules for your lineart are, we would greatly appreciate your contribution so we can keep track in a list for you. You may choose to limit its use however you see fit with these new adopt changes in mind. The admin team will do its best to enforce your artwork's rules on your behalf in our community websites.

The Angels Nest is the officially endorsed adoptables page for the Dutch Angel Dragons. The page is widely known for its success and high value auctions. However, we have had an issue with many people who have attempted to re-create the success of The Angels Nest in unfair and disrespectful ways that have caused confusion and conflict within the community. All guidelines here are for the purpose of avoiding these past issues while promoting fairness and support for a growing community.


As requested by Kwik, the artist behind The Angels Nest, copying the presentation format and tracing or editing of any art and character designs created by them is strictly prohibited.


Use of eggs with halos over them to sell adoptables is disallowed as this is a trademark to The Angels Nest's presentation.


Your character designs, style, and presentation of information should be as different from The Angels Nest format and artwork as possible to avoid confusing your work with theirs, and visa versa. 

Overall it should be plainly obvious to tell if the character was or was not an Angels Nest design. The format and presentation of your auction must not include similar kinds of information or character art style and infographics that would lead a potential buyer to have difficulty telling the difference between an auction from the Angels Nest and an auction from someone else.

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