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Guidelines to Fursuit Costumes & Headbases


Fursuit Costumes

Anyone from hobbyist or professional, is free to create, commission, sell, and buy character costumes (fursuits) of Dutch Angel Dragons without prior permission from Ino for all personal, non commercial use. However it is always recommend to submit the design to an archangel beforehand for review, which will grant the character an "officially approved design" status and this can be used in promotion of the work. For a complete overview of the species design guidelines, click here.


Those interested in creating a Dutch Angel Dragon-specific suit, especially as opposed to a "generic cute dragon" or another dragon species, is encouraged to thoroughly review the anatomy guides found here and use their individual artistic expression and interpretation to create a character in their original suitmaking style. Be sure to pay special attention to their unique anatomy features; they're a neat species with a wide range of possibility for being represented both realistically and toony!


The popular Telephone character was created as a hand-carved, one-of-a-kind suit from "The Phoenix Nest" and this chibi version is exclusively that suitmaker's style and is not to be duplicated in shape and form. The species' creator, Ino, runs her own suitmaking company "Skypro Costumes" which has also created their own version of the Dutch Angel Dragon built from cast foam bases that is also an exclusive interpretative design of the species and is not to be attempted to be duplicated in shape and form. Many other Dutchie costumes have been made in dozens of individual artists styles, all different enough to be distinguishable in each artist's style, yet similar enough to believably represent the same species. Please act responsibly and respect your fellow artists to ensure that you create your own version and style. We encourage creativity and diversity!


Due to the handmade nature of fursuit costumes, most often every piece is a time-consuming process and one of a kind. However when it comes to utilizing methods and materials to duplicate products quickly, there are some regulations on mass productions of Dutch Angel Dragon related products. Costume headbases which are created from a mold with the intention of mass production for profit of the cast must enter into a license agreement contract with Ino, the species creator. Those who wish to create a mold for personal use only will NOT need this license, but will also not be permitted to sell any cast bases without the permission or a license from Ino. Note that this does not apply to hand-carved foam headbases made from scratch, this restriction is only for molded/cast heads that can be mass produced.


The reason behind this is to ensure fairness on behalf of both the party profiting from the use of a copyright species and the copyright holder. The base must demonstrate that it is an original work of art in the artist's unique style, meet the species guidelines, and be of appropriate quality, all at Ino's digression. Upon approval, an annual fee of $20 will be collected for use of the copyright for profit and in return the base will be listed on the Dutch Angel Dragon website Shop advertising all officially licensed products. The artist should state that they have received permission and a license to officially make and sell their original Dutch Angel Dragon headbases and can provide proof on request. A physical certificate will also be provided to the artist.

The application form to obtain headbase profit licenses will become available soon! Stay tuned for more information. (Last updated Sep 13, 2017)

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