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Frequently Asked Questions


Some useful information on the most common topics and questions.




Help! Members of the community are harassing me! 

Harassment is absolutely unacceptable and we are disappointed to learn that a member of our family would cause such an issue, but it does happen. Often times, individuals act on their own accord in attempt to help moderate or defend the species because they are passionate about the community, but the admin team cannot accept responsibility for their actions. This is commonly referred to as "whiteknighting" and every community has their fair share of them. We do all we can to discourage such behavior and ask for them to turn to an admin to help take care of an issue instead of taking matters into their own hands. They usually have the best intentions but their work can be carried out in inappropriate ways. It is not our job to babysit, but we do try to defuse situations when we can if they become a serious issue. Reach out to one of the admins for assistance and we'll do our best to help.




My character is being accused of being/not being a Dutch Angel Dragon!

If your character is in no way, shape, or form associated with Ino's Dutch Angel Dragon species, then we suggest for you to consider adjusting the presentation of your character to make this distinction more apparent. First, determine what element is most likely the cause for the confusion. Sometimes this is the way the character is drawn or if the physical attributes of the character are very similar to the representations of DutchADs- consider adjusting the image itself to ensure it is clearly distinguished as its own, separate species. If you have no interest in changing the image, then perhaps it is the wording or description of the character. Using the term "angel dragon" is not exclusive to our community, but can be very misleading as it definitely has the strongest association with Ino's specific species. You can easily use the description "angelic dragon" instead, even just plain old "dragon" works, and/or simply include a disclaimer for your image that states it is not related to the Dutch Angel Dragon species. Keep in mind though, this does not make you immune from criticism altogether, but it should at least help defend your character's separation from the DutchAD community.

If your character is supposed to be a Dutch Angel Dragon and it's accused of not being one, pay attention to what elements of its presentation that are causing this issue. Most commonly it will be pointed out to you by others the specific details, and this is almost always because there may be one or more physical traits in your character that do not follow the guidelines required for belonging to the Dutch Angel Dragon family. There is also the background story/abilities/behavior/lore for Dutch Angel Dragons and perhaps your dragon doesn't quite fit in with those either. Please visit the Guidelines page and the Species Info to review and make the necessary changes.


If you need assistance editing your image or information to fit these guidelines or have questions, please contact an admin.




What's the difference between an angel dragon and a Dutch Angel Dragon?

 Much of this was given on the "What is an Angel Dragon?" page, but these infographics should also help make it clearer!


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