The Archangels & Ambassadors


"I want to bring to light the wonderful admins & moderators that have stepped in to help with everything Dutch Angel Dragon related. Without them none of this could be possible!"   ~Ino

Archangels and Ambassadors are the dedicated group of volunteers that have taken leadership roles in the community to oversee and contribute to the many online pages and groups, infrastructure, artwork, lore, and/or convention events around the world. Many have been participating since the species was first opened to the public and are passionate about seeing the Dutch Angel Dragon community continue to thrive. Some volunteers have come and gone but their contributions will always be remembered.

Archangels and current admins of the Official Dutch Angel Dragon Community

Sahara  -  Nimbus  -   Sniper  -  Sonar  -  Torch  -  Voodoo


Moderators of the Official Dutch Angel Dragon Community

Dubz  - Tempo  -  Whispur

Ambassadors of the specialized regional communities

Pompeii (Australia) - Rio (Australia) - Bumpkin (Latin America)  -  Summer Wine (Latin America)




Archangels are distinguished members of the community who live and breathe Dutch Angel Dragons. Every day they collaborate with one another to discuss ideas, solve problems, and oversea a group of over 11,000 active users. Some take up moderation-type roles on the community pages directly interacting with members to answer questions or approve posts, while some focus more to artwork, presentations, operations, and/or special events.




FA: Stardust03     Location: Tennessee

Dragons: Sahara, Atalanta


The owner of Sahara is always willing to help when needed whether it is answering questions or addressing any concerns. She takes pride in being able to provide assistance to the community and always looks to go the extra mile when someone needs help. She always carries a friendly and professional demeanor.


Outside of the Dutch Angel Dragon community Sahara was a full-time legal assistant and a part-time pharmacy technician. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a Bachelors in Forensic Science with a minor in Biology and has a Masters Degree in Biotechnology. In her free time she loves to talk with friends, read, collect art, hike, and play video games. Based in Tennessee, you can find Sahara at conventions like Anthrocon, Furry Weekend Atlanta, FurTheMore, and Midwest Fur Fest.



FA: firestoem     Location: North Carolina

Dragons: Nimbus



Nimbus is a silly hyper little dragon inspired by thunder storms. She is a bit smaller then the average Dutch Angel Dragon and likes to scare people with her ability to produce a loud thunder noise from her throat.


She is always looking out for peoples best interest and will always provide a listening ear to those who need to talk. Nimbus is also known to be quite the cuddler!  She will soon have a suit by Skypro as well.

Outside of the Aether, Nimbus has a Bachelors for 3D Animation and is currently pursuing a career in it. In the mean time she is a freelance artist, mainly drawing cartoony Dutch Angel Dragons to flood the group with but also enjoys her love for video games in her spare time!



FA: TwilightSaint     Location: Florida

Dragons: 'The Squadron,' aka 'The Flock-

Sniper, Spirit, Spitfire, Glitch, Kaneohe, Jaeger, Lance, Kalash, Zaheed, Markimoo, Dusty, Rainier, Perdido



Sniper's design is based off of a Kestrel, and he is a scout, messenger, and a spy specializing in surface surveillance and fast attack. He is also referred to as the 'Kestrel King' among his Squadron, colloquially coined 'The Flock.'
Sniper primarily assists the community as our Anatomy Expert and Consultant; they are responsible for the official anatomy guides for the Dutch Angel Dragon species on the website.
In the real world, Sniper is Active Duty in the US Navy as a Winged Naval Aviator, having served overseas and on numerous international exercises. Sniper is also a self-taught artist focusing primarily in Digital Art, drawing creatures, anthros, and everything dragon. He does martial arts, is an active marksman with rifles and pistols, loves traveling, and can speak Arabic. Sniper studies politics, the Crusades, and history. He also greatly enjoys fursuiting and owns many costumes, and is an avid performer and dancer.



FA: CanineHybrid/SonarTheDragon     Location: Colorado

Dragons: Sonar, Auroris, & Fleck



Sonar is a dragon who loves thunder, often seen following and flying through rainstorms. She can manipulate sound waves to use for echolocation and defense. Her design and behavior is inspired by the black-billed magpie.


Sonar primarily works in the tech department of the team and is the webmaster for, responsible for the design, layout, and editing of its content. She mostly contributes to behind-the-scenes operations and focuses on ways to help improve the community's experience through team organization, documentation, and communication.


Outside of the Angel Dragon world, Sonar is owns and operates "Creatureneer", a small business specializing in bringing unique creature suits to life for cosplay & performance art.  She has also created a fursuit of Sonar that she loves to wear while snowboarding, but it will be updated by Skypro someday. She's a graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts and Animation. She regularly attends Colorado-based conventions as a dealer and panelist as well as hitting up several large cons out of state each year such as BLFC and MFF. Sonar has a passion for art, creature suits, technology, dinosaurs, and sleeping.

Suit by CanineHybrid



FA: HumphreyE45/ToRcHAngleDragon    Location: North Carolina

Dragons: Torch



If there is one thing you should know about Torch right off the get go, is that he is a helpful lil scamp and always want to see others smile no matter the situation. A bit of a happy derp who is protective of the other angels in the group as well as friend but will protect all if the need arises. Torch has been an admin since Telephone opened the group. He started by helping out on the FA page when it first came online, then when that had to close, he began (and is currently) helping out on the Facebook page.


When Torch isn't running around starting small accidental fires with his cuteness, he is a police officer in North Carolina, a veteran Marine, long time EMT, and volunteer firefighter. As an admin, he will help you with any questions you may have and if he doesn't know the answer, he will find out for you as soon as he worries! Torch has been around as a furry for several years but the dragon itself has been around since about beginning to mid 2014.

Suit by Skypro (head), Carolina-Critters (wings, hands, tail) & Nicky86 (body)



FA: kirarussiafox    Location: Pennsylvania

Dragons: Voodoo, North, & Midnight  (Mate: Magic)



Voodoo has a sugar skull based design, who is a happy, friendly, down to earth Dutch and she specializes in summoning and spells. After the great war she fell into the Abyss, only to eventually be called back from it by a small child living in the bayou who was desperate for a friend. Upon the unexpected death of the child at the hands of soldiers who raided the child's home, Voodoo became so upset that another dragon was summoned from the abyss; a Dutch who heard her despair and came to sooth her sorrow. He would become known as Magic and would become Voodoo's friend and partner.


Voodoo is a wonderful addition to the admin team. She will answer any questions to the best of her ability and is more than willing to help as much as she can with any issues.


Outside of admin work Voodoo is owner of Monster Cat Creations LLC, a suit building company based in Pennsylvania, and currently works there full time. Likely places you will find Voodoo are Pittsburgh fur meets, OhayoCon, Anthrocon, FurTheMore and Midwest FurFest. She’s very friendly, so don’t be afraid to say hi if you see her!

Suit by Skypro



Ambassadors are special representatives for the community that oversea smaller tasks or groups and do communicate and work with the Archangel team often. Many ambassadors are international, able to speak other languages to bring the Dutch Angel Dragon community to those who might not know English well or who are interested in establishing a greater sense of community in their areas of the world. Some ambassadors will have the ability to host official events and panels at conventions the Archangels cannot attend.


-Latin America Ambassadors-

Summer Wine

FA: Hungry2wendigo/Summerwine_DAD    Location: Chile

Dragons: Summer WineQuetzyYautja, & Orion



Summer Wine is based off of certain energy drinks and their effects, so he is hyper and young, but has a love for humanity and their development. Even if his eyes have an odd pattern that can intimidate sometimes, he only wants to be your friend.


Summer Wine assist the community as ambassador for all of the Spanish and Portuguese speaking people who have a hard time trying to translate the lore or the guidelines of the community. Often most problems are communication problems and helping people bypass the language barrier fills them with happiness; they believe we should all enjoy this community at its full and not let language barriers sour our relationships.


Outside of the community they are the youngest of the ambassadors and an active second year student in university, seeking a degree in biochemistry with specialization on infectiology and bacterial behavior. They don't get much free time outside studies but their hobby is being an aspiring fursuit maker and digital artist.

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We do not, in any way, lay claim to all angelic-like dragons and do not inhibit the use of the term “angel dragon” by anyone. Fair warning: It has been observed that using this description for other concepts may lead to confusion and/or conflict within circles who know of Ino’s species. Use at your own risk.

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