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Dutch Angel Dragon Registration Forms



Previously, we had a form for people to register their dragon characters with us to help assist the admin team in identifying characters with their owners and have approximate dates of their creation. This helped us settle design disputes and get a sample of what kinds of characters, and how many, are in existence. It was a census that was optional for members of the community to contribute to.

However, the community has now grown much too large to support the format of information collection we had implemented. It had also caused confusion and concern over the difference between registration of a character versus certification or approval of a character. Contrary to popular belief, submissions through this form were never reviewed by the archangels and "registration" of your characters did NOT equal official design approval of any kind.

 The Dutch Angel Dragon character registration form is now closed indefinitely. 

For those looking to have their character designs reviewed and approved for adhering to the species' guidelines, this can be done by contacting an archangel. This process is optional and not required when making a Dutch Angel Dragon character, but is recommended and beneficial.


Fun fact: This form first became available March 2015. When it was closed in June 2017, there were 3,603 registration submissions representing approx 4,000 characters. That's an average of over 4 new characters a day reported! There were also almost 9,000 members on our Facebook community in June 2017 with hundreds (if not thousands) more designs that were never registered.

FAQ (Registration-Related)

Q: If I registered my dragon(s) with the form previously what happens now that it's gone?

A: Effectively, nothing. You simply do not need to report the creation of new characters or changes to preexisting characters anymore. The form is not accepting new submissions but we do still have the information previously collected if the need to call upon it ever arises. Your characters are not any more or less valid as characters as they were before, but they may or may not have been reviewed by an archangel for design approval, as submission through this form never changed their approval status to begin with. You still own them. You can still change them and use them freely. If a dragon changes ownership, it is your responsibility to keep record of the transaction or transfer (screenshots, etc) should an issue with character design or ownership arise.

Q: Oh no! I never got to register my dragon(s) with the form before it was taken away, what do I do?

A: No need to worry, registration was never mandatory and did not affect your characters status, did not make them any more or less official, and was not a system used to review and approve designs. We are currently working on development for a brand new community website and the information collected through user registration and character profiles will completely replace every feature the old registration form provided, as well as improve upon many lacking features (such as providing a proper searchable character directory).

Q: What is the difference between the terms registered, certified, approved, official, or unofficial [design]?


A "registered design" was one that was submitted through the (now discontinued) form here on this page. It indicated the character was submitted to the census for the collection of statistical information on DutchAD characters, but does NOT indicate if the design was reviewed and found to have followed the guidelines of the species by an archangel and is no more, or less, official than any other character or design. As of now, the status of "registered characters" no longer exists and this term will no longer be used to describe the status of any Dutch Angel Dragons.

A "certified design" is one that has had a certification package purchased for the character. This includes the guarantee that the creator of the species, Ino, has personally reviewed the character design and verifies it meets all special guidelines required for certification. For full info on certifications, visit the link here.

An "approved design" is one that has been reviewed by a member of the archangel team directly to ensure it adheres to all species guidelines accurately. For more information about design approval, click here.

An "official design" is an umbrella description that will refer to one that is approved or certified by the archangels officially in some fashion. May be seen in combination with the two statuses previously described ie. "officially approved design" or "officially certified design". The terminology does not indicate anything different about using the word "official" or not, it is all describing the same thing- that it has been formally reviewed and passes inspection as a member of the species.

An "unofficial design" is one that has not be reviewed and approved by an archangel. All Dutch Angel Dragon characters start out with this status and it may or may not be a design that adheres to the guidelines. Can also be known as a "pending design", "unapproved design", or an "under review design". Anyone is free to create or sell Dutch Angel Dragon designs without archangel approval; there are obvious benefits to having the design reviewed officially, and is highly recommended, but it is not mandatory.

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