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Welcome to the official Dutch Angel Dragon website! Here you can find the complete information about the species, history, and creation guidelines. We are working towards a providing many other resources such as a directory of dragons and a listing of talented artists offering their services to help bring your characters to life! We would like to also invite you to our Facebook group where you can interact with the community. We want to thank you all personally for helping us grow along the way and supporting our efforts.

“It’s been a long and treacherous road building this species, I’ve been through a lot and I never expected it to get to this size. I didn't realize just how much went into making a species and the reaction from the community, but thanks to everyone that helped along the way we have grown a lot to what we are now. There is always room for improvement and we are still learning.


Years ago, when I first started this I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into. It became so big and overwhelming that I could no longer run the group on FurAffinity. I shut down the page and cut my losses, but so many supporters reached out to help and got me back up on my feet. I realized that others loved the species just as much as I did and it crushed them when I gave up.


Thanks to the memebers of the Facebook group and everyone that showed me how much they cared. I now know just because you may get some dirt thrown at you, does not mean you should ever give up on the people that love and care for you. So with all my love and care in return, just have fun and let your imagination run wild.”


~Telephone (Ino)

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